About Us


SO, who's the lady in the fota?

Well this is me, My name is Breigh and I am Hers + Sirs 

I opened Hers and Sirs in April  2015

My store is full of hand picked selections of beautiful pieces from Australia and New Zealand. Promoting slow fashion, with the majority of my labels only having 4 seasons a year. I have thought very carefully about what I stock in my store. Sticking with simplicity, clean silhouettes and great quality fabric that wash easily. It will last so much longer in your cupboard so the price per wear will be heaps lower. So Spending more on your clothing now means spending less in the long run and they will be pieces you can just throw on, LOVE and feel good in. Actually feel GREAT in! 

Statistics show that it is 6 weeks from purchase to landfill. Scary huh!? I do not want to be apart of this! Think twice about buying something new every week. Even from me! Do you really need it? How often will you wear it? WHO MADE IT?

You have the power to make your purchase count by doing things a little differently! 





SO there you have it! Thats me!