I Love Ugly is an Auckland based, premium menswear brand with a foundation speaking the vernacular of contemporary culture, art, design and music.

We are committed to sourcing and customising unique fabrics from around the world, and uphold an unwavering attention to bespoke styling. The details are not the details they are the design.

The ironic phrase "I Love Ugly" suited the belief of what founder Valentin Ozich felt true. Where the terms 'beauty' and 'ugly' are purely subjective and fluid. Taking pride in ones differences and stylistic preference is one of the philosophies that has been embedded in the name and culture of the brand.

Since early 2011, I Love Ugly has grown into a lifestyle brand with global reach. We are a team of likeminded individuals with synchronized visions and methods. We value all human aspirations and endeavours with integrity, intellect and creative experimentation. We live and breathe the culture we continually create by drawing on influences and the aesthetic sensibilities found in art, photography, design, music, film, food, literature, and beauty in all forms. These elements form the cornerstone of the brand and are joined seamlessly to produce a beautiful product offering, delivered by our specialist team, brand ambassadors, media partners and stockists around the world.

Our vision, values and brand alignment are carried through to our signature store fit outs, which combine our passion for quality, admiration of design and decor and attention to detail in our collections.

We are excited by collaborative partnerships and the opportunity to work with and share the I Love Ugly lifestyle with the wider scope, all the while continually evolving – the only thing that remains constant is change itself.