33 Weeks preggo over here!

Some simple observations

Im always hot

I need to pee a lot 

I now have pregnancy carpel tunnel 


oh yeh and some sweet headaches! 

On the flip side

Im being told pregnancy suits me (still not sure what that means) and that I'm just glowing! I used to think the same about all the Pregnant ladies I saw and now I'm thinking that is just the nausea vomit glow but hey maybe there is something to it now as that has now passed! My skin is looking gewd! Haha Thank goodness! 

We are now T - 7 weeks to go now! 

I cant believe we are going to have a little mini us! 

Ladies, our bodies are amazing things, Just growing a babe and all that! 

What the heck! Everyday I'm in awe of what I am learning about what my body has, is and will do for the babe! Mind blown! 

People have been been teasing me saying its all I've been talking about, buuuut its kinda there, Dictating everything I do, eat, drink, sleep, lift and wear, I dont know how else you can not be consumed by it! So Eat a dick those peeps! 

We went and did calm birth classes recently with a super cool lady named kerrie-ann! 

Cannot recommend it enough, if your in Albury or surrounding areas, Calmbirth by Kerrie-ann Baxter! Get around her! 

I have lost count how many people tell me, dont try to be superwoman, take everything they can give you, and to be honest I always thought Id roll in to the hospital and get an epidural and that would be that, but leaving those classes, I feel somewhat empowered! 

Like Fuck it, Why cant I be a superwoman?

Why do we say those things? Then act somewhat disappointed if we need a caesarian, like we didn't really go through anything and that we cheated! 

Fuck that! You grew a babe! However it comes into this world, remember that! 

And thats flipping rad! 

Now excuse me while I sit on the couch in my new fave night shirt with my belly hanging out, watching the kewlest thing I have ever done move around the surface of my skin!