Soo Blogging, Its a funny thing really, sitting here writing about myself, or ourselves as a fam bam.. 
Which as you gathered is not to exciting to most.. 
But maybe relateable..?
Talking about yourself is quite a daunting thing! 
Will they like us, will they not..?
What do they think of how i look.. 
Do they like our photography?
Do they just like our dog? 
And the list goes on….
But Then I guess, having the courage to just throw your hands up in the air and say you know what..Whatever happens will happen and hey we are here so Lets jump in"
See the thing with blogging and bloggers i always find them super cool.. kinda something us guys at hers and sirs may not be..  
(well maybe a little bit.. am i right - Say whaaaaat..) 
But as i said before.. i feel we are super relateable!
You know, we go to work, we come home!
We play with our dogs, we hang with pals, we cook dinner we go to bed then we get up and do it all again! 
We aren’t able to shoot our pics in any super sweet destinations (anyone wanting to pay us to do so , we will take it “wink wink”)
We just shoot around in our home town of Albury.. yep we said it .. Albury / Wodonga
But you know what, We don’t pretend to be anything else but ourselves! So we hope you are enjoying getting to know us as we find our feet in this new foreign Virtual world! Please be patient.. We will nail it soon I’m sure! 
On that note though, on the weekend we were lucky enough to cruise to Sydney Town and see some Upcoming collections and shoot a coupla pics
Let us know what you think! 
Ill be talking at you soon <3
Thats us! Yewww!