About us! The Fam Bam!


Waddup Errrrbody!   



Shut the front door, Here we still are at blog post number 2! 

Its been a fortnight since we opened, and we want to thank YOU for your Support, double taps and likes and so on!  

We are beyond chuffed!    

Seeing as, I can see on my end of the ol’ web page that you guys have been popping around and having a sneaky peek, I thought I should tell you a little more about us!
The Fam Bam!    
Stew, He is the Ying to my Yang, My total life partner!
Whatta Babe! He thinks I’m super great ( 5 years in, I would hope so)
He also thinks I’m a total creep and I would say, if you got him after a few Pure Blondes on the weekend he may say the word needy..
I personally do not like this term, I like to think of myself as more of the wanty type! I know what I want annnnnnd yep he is it all over!
What a mushy Idiot huh!?
Stew is the creative type! The photo takerer, The Sky Diver, The music maker. He is actually one of the coolest people i have ever met! Way cooler than me! 
Check him out! 
Annnnnnd I am Breigh..
I cut the hairs up at my other place of biiidness which is called Milkk (you can look us up)
Annnnnd I am the one you will be seeing in most of the pics! I didn't really think I had to many other talents, other than styling up your Top Furs! But the word Talent - I looked it up and it says 'a natural ability or aptitude' so then i started thinking.. Talking Shit, I definitely have a natural ability to do so...
Getting wine girl wasted with my gal pal Kayla, also something that comes pretty naturally!
Cutting shapes on the d floor, i think I can certainly come up with the goods at Zed Bar on a saturday night! Although, unsure if that is actually the case as I’m usually wine girl wasted at this point in time!
Annd Lets not forget the Crazy Dog Lady, also something that I feel, I have a real knack for! Some would say I am Pretty Dog Savvy really!
Ahhhh Thumbs up huh!? Have I still got your attention..   
Oh yeh and Dotti is the pooch! You may be already familiar with the French Bulldog, sneaking her way into all the snaps! She is Our Furbaby and The glue that keeps it all together! Dots, Dotalicious, Dotalina, Dots with the Lots and if you happen to have instagram you will find her under the name ‘oldladydotts’ Yep she is super hip and has her very own instagram!
Told you 'crazy dog lady' ......
We also have a step-pooch named Koda! Who has come into our care and i believe may be here to stay! No complaints here, she is pretty radical to! 
Annnd Speaking of radical! Mums are pretty radical! Especially mine.. "Hey Trudes!"
So heres cheers to them!
To celebrate Mums, We be Giving allllla you a little prezo this weekend until Monday type in MAMA20 and receive a little somethin like 20% off the whole damn shop! 

SO thats us! Helllooooooooooo and nice to friggen meet you!